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↦ This isn’t a blog about McGosling the couple, but about Rachel and Ryan as individuals. They both have moved on so I will, from times to times, post pictures of them with their new partners.

↦ Who are you?
My personal blog is here.

↦ Are Ryan & Rachel still together?
No, they broke up 4 years ago.

↦ Why did they break-up?
I don’t know.

↦ Where do you get your pictures?
You can find a list of websites I usually get my pictures from here. I then edit them with photoshop.

↦ Can you recommend some Rachel or Ryan blogs?

Can you give me the link to the interview you posted in this [insert random post here]?
I ALWAYS post a link, if I can provide one, so go back to the post and make sure there is no link in the source section or that there is no “(x)" (click it). If there is no link, I probably forgot so you can ask me.

↦ Ryan Gosling is SO hot!
Girl, don’t I know it.