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13 April 2014 @ 4am

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5 January 2014 @ 8am

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23 September 2013 @ 5am

New/old Red Eye stills

(The lovely ohfuckyeahcillianmurphy sent me these unseen Red Eye stills. Thanks a million! You can follow ohfuckyeahcillianmurphy for loads of great, exclusive Cillian Murphy goodies, and keep an eye out for some more unseen Red Eye stills on their blog!)

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18 July 2013 @ 4am

Rachel McAdams and Jayma Mays on the set of Red Eye with director Wes Craven.

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25 April 2013 @ 7am

Red Eye (USA, 2005)

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30 November 2012 @ 4am

Red Eye bloopers

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8 November 2012 @ 7am

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12 October 2012 @ 6am

In the the plane bathroom scene, Cillian Murphy actually missed the place to throw Rachel McAdams. She hit her head and was knocked unconscious for a half hour. After that she was ready for work and Murphy was afraid to do it again. In the take that’s in the film Murphy’s hand can be seen holding the back of McAdams’ head to guard it from it hitting again.

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4 October 2012 @ 4am

Rachel McAdams filmography (2002 - present)

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3 October 2012 @ 4am

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